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The Bayou City

Home to over 2.3 million people, Houston dates to 1836 and was named after the former General Sam Houston.  The city’s growth has risen over the century to become a powerhouse of industry, energy, and aeronautics.  It’s called home by publicly traded companies like Kinder Morgan, Sysco, ConocoPhillips, and about a dozen more.  It’s also frequented by tourists and residents who wish to get a closer look at the Johnson Space Center which employs over three thousand employees including over 100 astronauts.  The city’s prosperity has extended to its dining scene as signaled by many famous publications and critics, like Food & Wine.

Food, Art, Business & More

Houston offers an amazing combination of commerce, art, cuisine, and culture.  Residents and tourists can explore the city by day or night and take in the numerous restaurants, bars, theaters, festivals, and nightclubs.  Reputable magazines, newspapers and websites are always compiling a list of the best places to eat, dance, and visit.  Although not directly related, successful offices related to production, banking, or raw materials help contribute to this scene by providing people and means for this city life to flourish.

Restaurant & Office Supply in Houston, TX

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